Pink and Peonies: Notes on Designing from Julie

How Did Julianne’s Come to Be?
People often asked me how I ended up with a shop selling home décor, gifts, and now offering interior design. I must confess, I really didn’t have a clear vision, and no one told me what it would be like to quit my established career and open a retail store.

My husband Steve and I both grew up in Stephenville and enjoy the community it has very much. While working in the corporate world, I didn’t see much of the area at all. Like many others I was caught in the world of what I refer to as corporate chaos, losing myself while constantly trying to carefully navigate the maze while meeting the deadlines and desires of others. I finally embraced what mentors and coaches had told me many times – I work better as my own boss…

One day in the Fall of 2015 I simply told my husband, “I want to quit my job and open a home décor and gift shop.” Well…if you could’ve seen the look on his face…
Never-the-less, in January 2016 I was at Dallas Market Center buying beautiful things for the Shop. It was a clear choice to select the historic First National Bank building on the Stephenville square – having just completed its own renovation as the location for the shop. It not only serves as our retail space but also allows us to host interior design clients in the Loft.

Julianne’s is located in the historic First National Bank building – renovated to it’s original stunning condition a few years ago.

…And then there was the Shop.
Ahh…the Shop…for those of you who scrolled through the pictures on, you were able to see the beautiful historic building where Julianne’s has made a home. After 2 years in the shop, I had the unique and truly God-given opportunity to meet a new mentor and friend who has opened my eyes to the possibilities of décor and interior design. Now I not only get to buy and sell beautiful things; I can help my customers place those beautiful things in their home. I guess the only thing I love more than beautiful, thoughtfully made things is the look on someone’s face when the item they’ve selected brings them joy and in turn brings this same joy into the lives of everyone that visits their home.

miscellaneous items in the shop

Custom candles, home decor, candle sticks, pillar candles, capri blue candles inside Julianne’s on the Stephenville, TX square

Joy, Joy Joy – A Home Isn’t Complete Without It
Joy…that little word is one of my favorites. It’s a personal word, a reflection of individual tastes and sense of self. What brings each person joy in their lives is personal and unique to them. For some, joy is discovered by guiding others through all the ways their style is pulling them and helping them make their house a home. Bringing joy is an important part of what we do at Julianne’s, what is a home that’s not filled with joy?? I have selected each item in the shop with you, my customers, in mind. When I shop for you I’m carefully selecting items that meld classic and current styles with what you want for a special gift or as an enhancement to your personal space.

Julianne home page banner photo

Design the Life You Love – Your Home Should Reflection of Your Style and Your Lifestyle
Design…there’s another word. It means something different to everyone! I have customers who are interested in everything from refreshing one room, their entire home, starting (or finishing) a remodel to perhaps even a new construction. For me and my design team, understanding your life is the first place we start with every interior design client. Questions like, “What brings you joy?”. “How do you plan to use the space?” “How would you characterize your style?” are all part of our process to help us (and you) discover what style TRULY speaks to you and elevate your house to a HOME. Not only is interior design about being pleasing to the eye – it is about creating a space that is most comfortable for YOUR life. This considers not only the colors and motifs you prefer but also what your day to day life consists of.

Lifestyle page banner photo of bedding set

Your master bedroom is one of the first places we love to start with a re-decorating project.

My Trip to High Point Market
I believe in the power of continuous education and growth in both knowledge and creativity in design. For this reason, I recently traveled to High Point Market in North Carolina. For those of you who may not know, High Point is the mecca for designers and is packed with the latest trends and information in furniture and home décor. The goal of the trip was to help our team be better prepared to advise you on purchases that reflect you. Boy was I overwhelmed! 180 Buildings, 11.5 Million Square Feet of buildings, 75,000 Attendees. More Than 2000 Exhibitors! WOW!

Trends versus Style: How to Stay Current Without Being Dated
Let’s talk about trendy interior design and current fads. Many of you may be too young to remember when every home “had” to have shag carpeting – but I bet most of cringed when you read it…
In design, especially in your home, trendy elements should be infused selectively. There is a fine line between being current and ending up looking dated as soon as the fad passes – it’s always better to maintain a classic, true to your style canvas with which fashionable pieces can be integrated.

Many times, I have heard “well farmhouse is really in style”…I then ask is it your style? Although we see and hear about trends like farmhouse and shiplap (which btw is a sweet look) we are drawn to the style because our friends or popular TV shows are telling us it’s the way to go. I encourage each of you to explore, find your style, don’t be afraid to mix it up! Eclectic styling or a combination of palettes can be interesting. What we seek is joy, rooms that flow, and reflect your personal taste and lifestyle. Again, classic design will adapt and accentuate the seasonal or fashionable pieces you select without making your home a “seen one, seen them all”.

If you haven’t been by, the Loft is a fitting example of a classic, beautiful design that works with home décor of all kinds – stop by to see us!

example of Julianne's classic home style

Now, I’m off to market to study quality brands and stock up on more inspirational items for your home and thoughtful gifts for those you love…

Julianne and a customer in her classic home section

Stay tuned! Next time I will discuss color and fabric trends…

Design the Life you Love!

Warm Wishes,