Since we started offering design services at the shop, we meet all different kinds of clients. Some are building a new home, while others are remodeling several rooms. Almost everyone who comes in the shop will comment on how beautiful everything is and how they wish their home looked and felt like Julianne’s. Most of them just want to update one or two spaces where they spend the most time (e.g. Living room, bedroom, or kitchen). I tell them how we would love to help them out and ask if they will let me come to their home to take a look at the space, no commitment needed. Often times when I visit a first time client I hear the following.

“I don’t know how to decorate.”

“I feel like we could just throw everything out and start over.”

“I feel so bored with this space, but don’t have it in my budget to completely redo this room”

Our solution to this dilemma?

A home styling refresh!

We tell clients that they don’t have to break the bank to update the look of their home. We can make small changes with their pieces, as well as some forgotten favorites tucked away in a closet. I love to bring in little pretties from the shop as well to update even more.

To take it a step further, painting the room a different color or adding some wallpaper (YES! I said wallpaper, its baaaccckkk!) will give the space an even bigger punch.

New pillows help tie everything together while staying in the color theme of the room. Don’t want to buy the whole pillow? Just buy covers to go over your old ones!

Just a few of our pillows available in the shop or online!

So what are you waiting for?! The holiday season is upon us and we would love to make your life easier and come help you refresh your space! We also can help you decorate for fall and Christmas. Come by the shop or call us at 254-918-5758 to schedule your free consultation today!

Hope you all have a blessed day! With love, Julie.